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Thursday, September 23, 2010

It was Hard

My husband and I were living in my mother in law’s house for few years before we got our own house. We like living with my in laws house but it was not our own plan it was just we could not get a loan from the bank for a house. It was hard at that time because my husband had bad credit and I did not have any credit yet so we could not find mortgage lenders to finance the loan for a house.

We waited for four years until we finally found somebody to approve us for a home loan. We were applying for a loan everywhere at that time but we could not find a lender that was willing to give us a better rate because of our bad credit. My husband was trying to fix his credit so we could buy a house because our family was getting bigger but it was not easy. When you have bad credit you can not get a good rate on a loan that is why right now I am trying my best and build good credit. It is very important I learn a good lesson from my husband.

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