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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Fresh Thanksgiving is best

Guest post written by Leah Richards

I've been eating organic and fresh food for a few years now. I really got into it in college and have just kept up with it, which has been really great. But now when I go out to eat with my family they want to go to all these places that have all this processed food and it leaves me with like just a few things for me to eat. I told my mom that for Thanksgiving this year, I would help her fix everything and show her just how great fresh food can be.

I've been looking up tons of recipes online on some of my favorite fresh food blogs and when I was doing that I ran across this website and decided to change over to the internet service at my apartment. I felt like I was getting ripped off with my old service so I was pretty excited to find this site.

I spent even more time on perfecting this one fresh cranberry sauce recipe that I think my mom's really going to love. That's her favorite Thanksgiving food, so I wanted to pay extra attention to it.

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