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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Monthly bills

This afternoon even though I had a headache I still went to the store with my children to get some diapers and wipes to use on my daughters. I know they are supposed to be out of diaper now but they are still wearing diapers. Sometimes they try to use the potty and take their own diaper off and try to put on a new one.

They are learning but, while I was driving to go to the store I was thinking that it is time to pay my monthly bills and I hate it. It is just good that I have affordable car insurance for our cars because if I did not I do not know how much more I would have to pay every month for two cars. That is why before we had insurance we were looking for insurance for our cars we shopped around looking for discount auto insurance company one that gave free auto policy quotes. It was a lot of work shopping around and comparing premiums but it was the right thing to do if you want to save money on your insurance.

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