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Sunday, December 12, 2010

My name is Juliet not Julia

I am working at a fitness center for a country club and some of the members keep asking me my name and I keep telling them that my name is “Juliet” and they always ask me to repeat it again. I said I am Juliet and they say what Julia? I can not understand why they can not get my name right. Sometimes I write it down for them I think I do not pronounce my name right. I am trying and I wish I had a name plate one that has a custom label I think that would help them know my name better.

I am thinking about asking my manager to make a name tag for me so that I do not have to repeat my name all the time when the people ask it. It is hard for me you know I am trying my best to pronounce my name for them to understand but they always ended up calling me “Julia“. I keep correcting by saying my name is Juliet.

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