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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Broke my no sweets diet

Today I ate a lot of sweets and now I feel bad because I broke my no sweets diet. I can not help my self their were a lot of treats at work and I like eating them. It was our manager’s birthday today and she brought a carrot cake for us to eat and I got my self a little piece of it. My friend Cari baked brownies for me and my children and I were eating them too. When I was eating lunch I had a dessert too. I exercised for thirty minutes today but I felt that I needed to exercise more to burn off the calories from all the sweet foods I ate today.

I am too self conscious about my looks now and I do not like eating too much if possible I want to count the calories just to make sure that I am doing great. I wish I had a calorie counter that I could use to count my calories intake every day I do not want to get big again I am done with that. I will try not to eat any more sweets tomorrow only fruits and vegetables.

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