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Sunday, March 13, 2011

I am not

Yesterday I went to Stride rite and bought two pairs of shoes for my daughters. I got the same shoes with the same size 8. I thought that the 8 still fit with them but when they put them on it was a little small so I went back to the store right after work and exchange the shoes to size 9. I like the shoes but unfortunately they do not have two pairs with the same size 9. I choose different shoes but still there were no two pairs size 9. The clerk thinks that I am Spanish and she started talking Spanish to me like ocho. I told her right away “I am not Spanish” and she said oh I am sorry and she touched my hands. I said it is okay no problem. I do not like when people thinks I am Spanish because I am not. Anyways, about the shoes I ended up getting different pairs of shoes for my daughters and they like it.

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