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Thursday, May 5, 2011

campbells recipes the best

A few weeks ago I asked my friend if she knew how to make chicken soup because my children like to eat rice with soup. She told me to grab a can of Campbells chicken and rice soup in the store. I know that they have many kinds of soup but I want to make it different. I always buy Campbell soup in a can and my daughters love it but I want to try to cook it. I like to cook but sometimes I have no time and I can not think of what to cook so I end up opening a can of soup because it is easier for me. I would like my children to eat different types of foods. Not just from a can and this coming Mother’s day I want to cook food for them. My friend told me I should check the campbells recipes to get some ideas of foods to prepare this Sunday for Mother’s day. I found this recipe “Mexican Chicken in a Pot Soup” and I would like to try to make this soup. It sounds delicious and it is easy to make. I can not wait to cook it this Sunday for my family I am sure they like this soup. I never thought that Campbells Soup can be used in a recipe.

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