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Thursday, May 19, 2011

father's day

Traser H3 Military P59005063311 Watch

On Mother’s day my children gave me flowers it was so sweet of them to think about me. My husband was the one who bought the flowers and let the children give them to me. Next month will be father’s day and I have no idea what to do for my husband. I know that he deserve something nice but for him to be able to come home and be loved by his children I think that is all he really wants. Most people want to have a beautiful family and I am proud to tell everybody that even though we have no money to spend, we do not have any luxury like a fancy car but we have the most beautiful family in the world, and for that we are so grateful and I am sure my husband is too. Still I know that he deserve to get something nice for Father’s day I am thinking about this Tritium watch. The Traser men’s watch I am sure he would like this one. I like the black dial on the watch and this is the better one because it has big numbers so he will not have to use his eye glasses to check the time. there are a lot of watch’s every where but this one is different the style is simple and the price is affordable.

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