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Monday, May 16, 2011

free credit score

Last month I purchased a plane ticket for my son and I to go visit my family in the Philippines. The ticket’s were so expensive and I was worried that it would max out my credit card. I tried to avoid purchasing a big amount on my credit card because I am worried that one day I will not be able to pay it on time. My credit score is so important to me so I always try my best to take care my credit. I learned that when you have good credit you can get any loan you want but once your score goes down it is like you are down too.

I always do my best to pay my credit card on time and pay the full balance of the loan. I am worried that I might not be able to pay my plane ticket fast. Last week I went online and did a free credit score check and it was good news for me. I found that I have a good credit history. Still I am worried because I know that when I arrive in the Philippines I will have to use my credit card. I do not have any cash to use there. I hope that I can control myself and not go crazy while on my vacation.

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Delphia Chu said...

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