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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Stop debt collectors

My husband is trying to clean up his credit report but he does not know what to do. Sometimes there are debt collectors calling our house . They are old debts they were before we got married and I think even if we paid them now his credit will still remain bad. He wants to file for bankruptcy but he is not sure about it yet. He only wants to stop debt collectors from calling our home.

It is so bad that sometime I do not want to answer our phone and ignore it when it rings because we think that it is another bill collector, we will wait until we hear of who is on the line. I hope my husband can take care his credit problem soon. I know it is hard when you have a problem with your credit. That is why I am trying my best to take care my credit.

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Anonymous said...

Quick solutions from the top:
Disconnect your number (when you register a new number, make sure it is not listed in the directory).
Also, send a cease and desist letter to the agency to stop calling you and only send you communication through the mail.