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Monday, July 11, 2011

The New Pool

Thanks for the article from Jermaine Haynes

We recently had our pool refinished and therefore had water put in it for the first time in about 3 years. It’s going to be so great this summer with the kids as they’re just learning to swim and I know they’ll love being out in the pool and splashing around! My only problem is that I’m really worried they’ll somehow get outside and slip into the pool since we don’t have it gated or anything, and that paralyzes me with fear. I’ve been looking on because I figured an alarm would help me know when someone opens a door or a window and I’ve been talking to my husband about getting the girls into a professional swim class. I know they’ll be fine, I just don’t want anything to happen to them on my watch (or anyone else’s) and I need to do everything I can to keep them protected at our house and especially out by the pool. Does anyone have any really god pool safety tips they’d like to share?

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