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Saturday, August 6, 2011

shopping with my son

This morning while I was working I was thinking about shopping. I was not thinking about shopping for myself, I was thinking about buying for my son. He needs new clothes to wear for school. He asked me to buy him blue jeans last week but I was waiting for the store to have a sale. I saw in the paper ads today for some of the store having sales. I did not hesitate even though I do not have enough money to spend. My son is a plus size kid and it is hard to find pants that fit on him. After work I picked him up at home and then we went to the store.

I was glad that he was with me to try on the pants to be sure they fit. The store had a lot of plus size dresses and I could not help myself I was looking for some clothes for me. I wish I had enough money to spend today for both of us. I would like some of their plus size fashion clothes too and they were all ten percent off. I bought my son a graphic t-shirt too and he was very happy. He likes the clothes that we bought for him he said he could not wait to wear them all.

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