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Saturday, September 3, 2011

home security

Last night I was still watching a movie in our living room on our Direct TV and my husband was checking the doors. I told him that as soon as the movie was over I would go to sleep. He knew that I was very tired already but I can not watch a movie when the kids are all awake. They all want to watch their own shows so I have to wait for them to all go to sleep. That way the TV in the living room is all mine.

Every night my husband makes sure that all our doors are locked before he goes to bed. Most of the time I am always the last one to go to bed so I checked all the doors again just to make sure they are all locked. I can not go to sleep if I did not check all the doors. Like last night I checked the doors already but before I check them my husband had already done it. Sometimes I think about a home security cordova for our home security so that we can all go to bed secure. I told my husband about that and he agrees with me too. I know that it is a good idea for us. I think we would sleep better if there was a security system in our house.

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