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Friday, October 14, 2011

Bed sheets

Yesterday I was changing the bed sheets from my bed because they were so dirty. It has been a while since the last time I changed the bedding. I think it was two months ago and I am not really a clean freak when it comes to my Bed Sheets. I am always busy around the house so the last thing that I would noticed is my bed. I only go to bed when I am ready to sleep and for only five to six hours. The reason I changed out our beddings yesterday was because there was a lot of food I the bed. My daughters keep playing in our bedroom and bringing food in there.

I put all the bed sheets in the washing machine and washed them all. I washed them with a little bleach to make them clean and smell good. When it was time for me to fold them the sheets they smelled bad. I washed them again with bleach so basically I washed them twice but they still smelled . I do not know why they smelled bad, I think I may need new bed sheet.

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Stanley said...

What the problem to make bad small after washing!!! I fall in the same problem but I fix up bad small by the spray.
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