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Thursday, November 10, 2011

elder care

Last night around nine thirty my friend called me, he said he called me earlier but no one answered the phone. I told him not to call when I am at work. He wanted to talk about his problem with his retirement savings from work. He called me when he was at work while he was on his break. It was funny of him asking me about his retirement. He thinks I knew all about saving for retirement but I do not really know much. He is working at one of the assisted living centers here in the city and he really likes his job. He likes taking care of people.

He asked me if I wanted to apply there and do elder care, and I told him that I wish I could. My nursing aid certificate expired last year so I need to renew it. I have had no time to renew it because I need to take an exam to renew it. I would like working at the assisted facility too so I am hoping that by next year I can renew my certificate. I like to work with people and I like to take care of elderly people. I would like to do home health too hopefully I can get a job in this field soon.

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