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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

higher than the usual

Yesterday I got my phone bill and I was shocked to see the amount. It was higher than the usual monthly bills because of the internet. A few months ago I called the phone company about the internet connection and asked about their promotional offer. They told me that I could get the promotional offer so I upgrade our internet to a faster connection. I called the company today and asked about the bill and the customer service representative that I talked with told me that I could not have the new offer because I am their old customer.

I got mad then upset before I upgrade my internet I called them first and they said those good stuff to me. I shopped for another internet provider today and ordered a new internet for us. They said that I had to pay twenty nine dollars for connection and pay thru Electronic Payments. After one month they are going to send me a rebate check. They said that they are going to send me a modem to use for wireless. It takes five to seven days to arrive. As soon as the new modem arrives I will cancel my internet. I do not mind paying more money for the internet just do not lie to me.

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