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Monday, November 21, 2011

Too much junk

Last week I told my husband to work in the garage this Sunday because we really need to clean it up. I told him that I am going to help him because I know he needs help. He has a lot of junk in his garage and I get mad every time I see it. He always picks up junk at work. He hopes that he can fix and use them later on. I do not like the mess and it makes me mad. I want to call The Woodlands Junk removal to help him removes all his junks.

Last week my son was helping him cleaning up his garage and he threw away some of the junk, but there are still a lot that needs to be throw away. Sometime he gets mad at me because he said it is not all junk and it is his treasures. I would like to see some of his treasures gone. It makes me mad when I go to the garage and I cannot find the things that I want to use. I could hardly walk into the garage because there is so much stuff on the floor. I just want my husband to organize his garage and arrange all his tools and throw out some of the stuff that we cannot use anymore. I do not like to keep things that are not use anymore. Too much junk in the garage is too much.

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