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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Advertising Agency

Today I received a surprised package from my cousin in California. My kids and I were very excited to open it. It was some sweet foods, DVD movie for my son and clothes for my daughters. My daughters were so excited about the clothes. They put them on right away even though it was a little big on them. They like the dress because it was pink. My daughters really like the color pink. After a few minutes of wearing the clothes my daughter Beth took them off. She said that she does not like it anymore, while Bella said that it was cute and she liked it.

Bella like to dress up all the time and put different clothes on. She changes clothes many times and stays in front of the mirror. She looks like a model. I think she wants to be a model someday. My daughter Beth likes to brush her hair and stays in front of the mirror. I always think that they might be models someday. They makes me laugh sometimes because of the way they act. One day one of my friends told me that I should look for an Advertising Agency for my daughters. Who knows they might get lucky, but maybe later. I have no plan for that yet.

Maybe it would be nice if they became a model, but right now they are just too young for that. Sometimes I will ask them if they want to be a model and they both will say yes mama. If someday they become a model I know they will be the best.

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