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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hubby Tells Me

Written by Fermin Washington

My husband keeps talking about home security Dunmore but I sort of think it’s a waste. He says he wants to get it installed because he’s travelling for work all the time and doesn’t feel good about me being here alone with the kids without him but I think it’s just because he wants to have the most tricked out house on the block. I love that there are so many technologies you can put in your house nowadays but there are definitely times I think my husband goes overboard. There is a huge flatscreen TV that’s WeatherProof out on our patio and we’ve got whole-home surround sound which is just ridiculous if you ask me. Even the garage has heated floors! My husband needs to cool it with all the absurd tech products he keeps bringing home because if he doesn’t he’s going to get a big old bill from me for all the hours I have to spend programming all his gadgets and toys around here!

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