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Sunday, May 18, 2008

My Baby's Favorite Toy

I am being tagged by jona for "My BABY's Favorite Toy". Thanks jona for this wonderful tag.

Here are the rules:
Post a photo of your baby with her/his first ever favorite/comfort toy. Write some details of your fondest memory of your baby and her toy (like what I did below). This will make a good memento when your baby grows up!

Lastly, before you pass this on to mommies, don’t forget to add the link to your website/s at the end of the page. I’m sure many moms would love to see your sites, too!

My son's favorite of all his toys is this lawnmower. He likes playing outside. He got this on his 3rd birthday from his ninang gaga. Every time his daddy is mowing our yard his always follows behind with his mower having fun. And about my girls, i don't know yet because right now, all they did is poop, eat, sleep and cries.

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Now, I am passing this to madel, ness, merydith and melisse. Share us your baby's memoir Mommies. :-)

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E-Tavasi said...

Wah so cute that boys, nice toys :D