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Saturday, May 24, 2008

My Beauty secrets

I got tagged by Rose and am so thrilled for passing this on to me. I think its nice to know about her beauty secret. Anyway I am so glad to know a little bit about the info and here's mine too just a few:

My Foundation: Cover girl the cheapest one.

My Blush: i don't do that

My Day Cream: Olay Active Hydrating cream moisturizers with SPF15.

My Lipstick: i don't use lipstick. so i don't have any.

My Essential Beauty Product: lip-gloss, toner and moisturizing cream.

My favorite Make-up product: I don’t use make-up.

My Perfume: I don't use perfume but my husband likes it if i do sometimes. so, he bought BVLGARI for me.

My Nails: Purely nail cutter only… hehehe

My Feet: Only brush with soap once in while during shower... hehe

My hands: Any lotion that i find.

Three Products to bring on a deserted island: definitely soap, deodorant and my Cellphone so that i can talk to my babies.

Women I admire for their beauty: Drew Barrymore

Women with the best Sense of Style: Cameron Diaz

My ultimate dream: To become a doctor. so that i can go back to where i was born and run a free clinic for everybody who can't afford a doctor.

My favorite fashion Publication: I don't know but i read People and Dallas morning news every week so, i think they have fashion sometimes.

Ladies could you take this? joan, honeyberry, emz and jenny


genny said...

Thats a good tag but i already have that...thanks...

stev & emz said...

done with the tag sis! i posted it here. tnx so much!

Belen said...

nice to have these beauty products, if not all, at least the most important which not allergic to your body.
Thanks for the tips