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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Learning to Drive

Yesterday I was driving again. Yes driving again, learning to drive. It was my third session for driving lessons since I sign up in driving school. We did it every weekend. I have no choice even though I don’t like to pay. Every session is two hours so, I got six hours now. The instructor said I am getting better now and he said maybe one more session and I will be ready to take the driving test. But I know I am getting better now. I felt comfortable now every time I am behind the wheels.

Yesterday he was teaching me the parallel parking and I think I got it right. But when he took me to the freeway it makes me crazy, scares me to death it’s like I am flying. The cars are very fast. I know that in the freeway is always like that but when you’re the one who’s driving is different. And the instructor is laughing at me because I told him I have no plan to drive in the freeway so no need for him to take me to drive there. But he said its part of the plan. And he needs it to see if I am nervous. But I think I am not nervous at that time I only can’t believe that it is fast like that. But anyway, hopefully after all these driving lessons I can get my license. So that I can go shopping with my friends and leave my husband home watching our children.


Babette said...

Hi Juliet, that's good you're taking driving lessons. It is really important to know how to drive. With regards to freeway driving, the important thing to remember is not to drive too slow so as to be a hazard to other drivers. If you're not comfortable yet, just stay on the rightmost lane and stay at the speed limit. Good luck!
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Sweetiepie said...

Hahahaha I knew how you feel Dear, kay in ana pod ko sauna kurog jud ang tuhod ba! unsaon wla man tay choice dri mo drive nalang jud. kana ba ang bana maoy bantay sa bata while laag ka nagshopping with friends once in a while.

Michelle said...

Hi Juliet! once you're very comfortable driving with your car, you'll like driving in high speed as in you'll be over speeding na especially if you're in a hurry. But just take it easy and always watch your speed coz sometimes the police will hide at the corner of the streets.