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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What is that?

I remember when I first came here to the US and finally together with my husband. We were trying to adjust each other. And while we were home I ask him a favor to do something or hand me something. I always said to him, my love can you please give that to me? Or please give me that? And he would say what? I said that? And pointing my fingers to the object. I said that one? And raise my voice. I told you that one? And he said again, what that one? I told him please look at my fingers! And he said please tell me what it is. Hahay! How can I tell him the name since I don’t know of what it was called in English? And I told to him I wish you knew Bisaya. And he would replied then teach me.
I really wish he knew how to speak my dialect. But I don’t really want him to know my dialect because if he knows I would not have any more secrets. Because my family would text me in my chikka account and sometime my sister said” manang naa kay kwarta diha padalhi ko bi” (sis, do you have money please send me) and my husband ask me, what they said? And I told him, they said you are handsome. And replied, tell them thank you! Poor Joe! That’s why it is better they don’t know our dialect. Even they would be upset a lot! about that! that! :-)))


Mom of Four said...

That's funny. Well, it's alright to teach your husband some of Bisayan words, just basics..Words that you always use around the house and stuff like that. Not the ones that when he knows what it means would upset him. Things around the kitchen, bathroom, veggies, household accessories, and such. My husband talks to my Mother in English and my mom would answer in Tagalog, and they understand each other.. Or sometimes when I have a conversation with my husband and I can't say the words in English, I will just wave my hands and I will say, YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN...

Cecile said...

that was funny, i used to do that all the time before and Matt got crazy because he didn't know what was "that" i was talking about, and i still do that every once in a while:-)