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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

black out

Earlier this afternoon I was having fun doing my shopping, hopping and of course waiting for the fish to come out at 3ps, but when they start coming out it start raining here at our home. I heard the thunder and saw the lightning and after a few minutes the power went off. I was mad because of the fish but I was worried too because I don’t know what to do. Only me and my children were here and it was getting dark when the lights went off. My son said don’t worry mama I have my flashlight with me. He is very smart, he really has his little flashlight with him. That is what we were using for a couple of hours until the light come back. My son’s saved the black out. When the light came back on I turn on my computer right away and checked the 3ps but all of the fish were gone they were all gray but its ok next time again. There are still more!

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