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Monday, July 14, 2008

money from blogging

Yesterday I bought a twin stroller for my daughter from eBay. I am excited to get it soon and use it so that I can take my daughters walking. They have a stroller already but I don’t like it because it’s not a twin stroller. I am also excited because the money I bought it with is my money that I earned from my blogging. I can’t believe it that I have money from my paypal that enough already to buy their stroller. Doing blogging is really a big help for me I got extra bucks to spend. When I receive the twin stroller I will put an update here with a picture of it. My son likes it because it is red and that is his favorite color.


desperateblogger said...

my gosh girl you have twins! i bet you're one proud, tired mama. =)

Lizzy said...

Your twins look cute and healthy! I can probably babysit them if I were near your place. :)

annhughes said...

Thats great..