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Saturday, July 19, 2008

it is getting better

I like it now that all my post I submit at 3ps are all approve right away after I submit it. It better now, before I had to wait for weeks before I heard the results if it is approve or not. That is why I always wondered and said to myself I hope it gets approved. Also at social spark even though I still have to wait for a day before the result but at least I am happy because the result is always approve. I feel that I am getting better of doing my opps now. Before I got returns and not approved and every time I fixed them I was having trouble so, I had to ask help from some of my friends here but now I am glad not anymore. I think it is a good sign for a better future of my blogging. :-)))

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Cecile n' Matt said...

juliet, i am happy for you, you are getting way much, much better on blogging that is why you got a lot of opps and gets approve right away, anyway, you are a real blogger and doesn't need any help, hope i can be at least half way where you are now in terms of blogging and getting better in opps :-) way to go my dear friend!