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Thursday, August 28, 2008

mow the yard

Last week I was worried about our yard because it needed to be mow I am worried I might get a ticket from the city. Because my husband is busy working that he has no time to mow our yard. I have a friend who is having a teenager son and I asked her if she let her son mow our yard. I have to pay him only. She said yes so, on the weekend he came by our house just to mow our yard. I don’t like to pay somebody to mow our yard but I don’t have any choice I know I can do it but if I am outside nobody will watch my children. The son of my friend is happy to mow also because he earns extra money and he likes it too.

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Mom of Four said...

Sometimes, you just have to pay somebody to do some work for you. Besides, you made that teen ager boy happy by making money.. Oh di ba?