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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

toilet paper

I remember one day we were almost out of toilet paper and my husband asked me if I could drop by the store after work to get some for us and I said yes. So, right after work I went to the store and I know he likes viva toilet paper. When I saw the viva I grab it right away then went home and put the paper by the door to our bathroom so my husband would see it. When he came home from work he saw the toilet paper and he said this is not toilet paper this is paper towel. He was right, it was paper towel I don’t know why I never pay attention but it was okay because we still had a couple rolls of toilet paper in the bathroom.

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Mom of Four said...

Paper towel to wipe off your behind is alright, but a little rough, hehehe.. YOu're not the only one who just picks up stuff off the shelf when shopping, you and half million people including me..Tired from working, then go shopping? it happens..
Have a great day!