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Thursday, September 11, 2008

ec drop

Thank You Myspace Comments

Since I started doing EC drop it improve my RR. It is nice to see the RR of your blog down. That Is why even though I am so busy here I always try to drop every time I get a chance to stay here In front of my computer I drop and drop and drop. I hope it is always like this. I never used to take this seriously but now it is different this is very important now and is now part of my everyday chores. So, to all my EC droppers thank you so much for always coming back to my blog to drop your card. I do my best to drop you back. By the end of this month I will post my top 10 droppers since, this is my first month of doing this. I want to say thank you to my good friend sweetepie for telling me about this.

1 comment:

ckulit said...

i just dropped one for you.. xoxoxo for the lovely angels!