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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

last summer

I like this picture of my son with me and of course Minnie mouse at Disneyland in California last summer. All my life I never thought I would come here it is really nice and we were having fun. We stayed here only for the day and it was not enough but it is okay because we were already tired of walking. We were here from morning until night and the kids were so tired already that they wanted to go to bed. If not for my nephew Erwin we would not come over here. He is very thoughtful and nice when he took us here. I can’t forget my visit and hopefully I can comeback here again.


Mom of Four said...

I have never been to Disneyland, or Six Flags. I want to go there because of the children, but my husband said, we will go there when my youngest is old enough to appreciate it, since we will only go there once in our lifetime, hehehe..too expensive and with my big family, we need to save a ton of money..Dang!! when is it going to happen?

ckulit said...

hahahah i could feel how you feel mom of four because even we only have two, budgeting is so important too. Nice Pictures Julz, we could probably go there when our kids are big enough.. I hope!