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Friday, September 19, 2008

lots and lots of toys

Last week I called one of my sis in the Philippines and while I was talking to her one of her sons who is 4 years old and will turn 5 years next month, he was very noisy I can hear him echoed. My sister says he wants to talk to me because he missed me. So, I was talking to him and when we were talking he is asking me something he said like this, “manang Juliet can you send me lot of toys I want spider man, batman, and superman and more. I was laughing to myself I can’t believed that he was talking like that very quick and fast he is big already. Last time I saw him is he is only 6 months old when I left to come here to Texas. I told him I will send him toys lots of toys. I hope I have a lot of money here so that I can send him toys right now.

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