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Saturday, September 20, 2008

trying to cut bills

This passed few months my husband and I are really trying to cut all our household bills to saves some money so we can pay them all and have some money left to save. You know here in the US we have lots of bills to pay every month. One of my bills is my cell phone from t-mobile we have the family plan and every month I have to pay $75.00 to $85.00 depending on our usage. Next month the two years contract of my cell phone will expire and I always thinking if I should renew it or not. If not then I have to buy a prepaid phone. I am the only one who is using our minutes because I am always talking to my friends and my husband he used it only to call the family when he is at work. I am always thinking that it is not necessary to have a monthly cell phone so, I guess I will have to get the prepaid and not to talk much on the cell. I will have to control my self of using it and instead use our house phone; I think that’s a good idea for me to do. Some of my friends too are using prepaid and they said it is good for them in a month they only use $25.00 so, it’s a big difference. Maybe I will really try this prepaid next month I hope it will work for me.

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neferiti said...

Not sure where you live? But you might want to look into Metro PC. You would pay a flat rate for there services. Verizon also has started offering a flat rate plan as well.