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Saturday, September 13, 2008

raining all day

It has been raining here all day, I can’t go out of the house because it has been raining since last night. I have not done my laundry because I can’t hang them outside and our cloth drier is not working. I miss those sunny days here because in an hour with our clothes hanging in the outside they are already dry it is very quick. I know I don’t like when it is hot but it works for me when talking about my laundry I have no complaint. I also save energy but now it is raining I felt bad. I know that it will be raining until tomorrow but I am still going to wash our dirty clothes, we are going to take them to the laundry mat to dry.

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ckulit said...

Hi Julz, visiting and ec dropping here..

Got an query about SS, yung mga opps ba nila gaya din sa PPP na availbale once its newkly released or its always waiting for slots (ir something like that).. Curious lang ako hehehe.. Kasi may nakuha ako before na take opp agad tapos yung iba naman iniinform na lang ako through email..

Mahirap nga situation mo na walang dryer, its a hassle actually may maliliit ka pa naman, paayos mo na kasi hehehe or baguhan mo na..

Take care!