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Monday, September 15, 2008

sick again

This morning my son did not go to school because he has been sick since Saturday. He is very sensitive, I don’t know why he is like this I am worried when he gets sick that I can’t sleep because I keep checking on him especially when he is sleeping. My husband took him to the doctor today. The doctor said he is okay he needs to take his medicine. Now I am glad he is okay and he went to sleep early tonight so that tomorrow he can go to school. I don’t like him to always be absent from his school because it’s still too early I think they are in their third week since the start of their school. His teacher is worried too she keeps calling here and asking about him.

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Mom of Four said...

When kids start going to school, they get sick a lot, they play with other kids that's why. Kids can spread germs, bacteria and what have you.. My son was sick all day, all night last Saturday, Motrin is what I gave him and he was fine all day Sunday..I didn't sleep either, I kept watching him and checking if he's fever broke down or not..It's the weather I think..Take care..Liza