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Monday, September 15, 2008

he missed her

Yesterday while I was playing with my children my son Freddy called me “ Cierra Michelle how are you? I said why do you call me Cierra I am not her I am your mama. He said just pretending that you are her mama. I said why? And he said because I missed her, and he called me many times by her name. Cierra is his 7 year old cousin and she is his playmate. They always playing almost everyday that is why he missed her because yesterday she was not her and he was alone he has no choice but to play with me only. I always tried to play with him if I have time but most of the time I am always busy he is always happy if his daddy home they can play together.

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ckulit said...

awww that's sad. He's the saem way with my daughter, they love it when their dad is at home because they can play a lot unlike with me whose always busy doing something..

dropped ec here julz..