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Saturday, October 18, 2008

i have visitors this afternoon

This afternoon my friend from work with her daughter and two grand daughters came by to visit. to see my children and to show to me her grand daughters. The youngest is a few weeks younger than my daughters. I was glad that they come over because I had not seen her daughter for almost a year. They stayed here for a few hours while my son and her grandbaby played. I made jokes that my daughters can’t understand their baby because they are bisaya while their babies are Tagalog. They both laughing at me, really I am always talking bisaya to my daughters I want them to learn. My son doesn’t understand it and I have regrets that I never taught him my language.


Mom of Four said...

Hi Juliet, what about Tagalog, does your son speak Tagalog? My older kids can understand and speak the language. Wrozlie,2 she understands, but cannot speak. Alex can understand a little. Roan knows 1 Tagalog sentence "Papaluin Kita" Hehehehe..When I am mad, I tell him that and it sticks to his mind.
It's really nice if they know/understand our language, be it Tagalog or Bisaya. So that they know their heritage, they know and they will be proud o it. Roan doesn't know he's half Fil, right now, he doesn't care about anything. Maybe some other time, they would say he's Chinese, hahaha!! then, he will ask me what Chinese mean. Take care..

Anonymous said...

Yes, i agree of what mom of four said that you should teach your children with your dialect aside from theirs. It's for their own good after all.