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Thursday, November 6, 2008

feeling good today

This morning I am feeling good, I slept longer last night than i have for a long time. My daughter never woke me up as often that was good. But this morning when I woke up to go to the bathroom when I came back to the bedroom they were both awake and smiling at me. They were hungry and ready to play. I plan to go back to bed but I could not. After they were feed I put them on our bed room floor and they crawled all over the place. They are getting bigger now and trying to walk already. I am excited to see them both walking. They are both good girls, they cry only when they have a wet diaper or are hungry. They are my sweethearts. My son was so tired yesterday until now he is still sleeping.

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Mom of Four said...

I can't imagine how you can handle your twins. Di ba mahirap? I mean, hungry at the same time, what if they cry at the same time? I admire you so much...Ska buti na lang at they are good babies..kung iyakin, patay tayo diyan..
Take care...