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Sunday, January 18, 2009

family date today

This morning all four of us went to church to attend mass at 10:00 am. For the half hour we stayed in the church my daughters were pretty quite but my son was bored. He wanted to go maybe because his friend Charles was not there. If Charles is in the church they are playing under the chairs. When the mass was almost over Elizabeth starting to cry she was sleepy so my husband took her outside and put her in the car to sleep. I was alone with Izabella she went to sleep on me. I am glad that we made it today to hear mass. I really like us going to church but sometimes I am always tired and feel lazy. I know there is no excuse but it is hard sometimes to get up in the morning and to dress the kids when you go to bed very late at night. After the church we went to eat in Mc Donald my son’s favorite fast food. He likes their chicken nuggets and fries, and he also likes to play. He called today our family date. He was very happy and so was my husband.

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iceah said...

we had our weekend out too after church c: have patience mare this will encourage them to be more closer to God and stronger in faith c: