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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

they were sick yesterday

Yesterday my husband was off from work and so was I because it was “Martin Luther King Jr. day“. We went out to eat for lunch for another family date as what my son said. The weather was cool and their was a little bit of wind, when we come back home our daughters had runny noses, by the afternoon they both had a fever; I gave them a fever medicine. They were both cranky at night when I put them in their bed. I never got enough sleep; I was worried they were sick. My husband took care Elizabeth while I was had Izabella. I told him that if in the morning they still had a fever we would take them to the doctor. Around 6 am I gave them another shot of medicine and they went back to sleep. When they woke up around 10 am they were both fine, the fever was gone. Every time they are sick like this I stay home with them and do not go to work.

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