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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

try to lose weight

At the start of the New Year a lot of people are struggling with their weight trying to keep their New Year resolution. They try to lose weight by doing a lot of exercise and diet. Some of us can not keep the resolution that we made. We think that it will be easy to lose weight but the truth is it is very hard. I think it would help them if they use Anoretix diet pills. Who knows this diet pill may help you with your weight loss.


Gurjinder said...

Thanks for the nice article. Its up to you how much enthusiastic you are to achieve your goal. Eat slowly and exercise regularly. Here are some good tips to loose weight

Weight Loss Tips & Faqs

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Joy, I am trying to lose weight though. And i really don't go for that "diet pill" attitude. Though i must admit i tried them and sad to say, it does not work for me. Losing weight is all about self discipline, and self control on what kind of foods you are eating and YES! an exercise. I have tried a hell lot of exercises, sports but never pay too much attention of what kind of food i am eating and guess what? nothing changed. Now, i tried dieting with self control. I don't starve myself though. I eat fish, vegetables, and even meat but always..ALWAYS in small quantity and a "NO RICE" attitude really worked for me. And now, i am proud to say that im losing those extra lbs. And the most important is that, i am used to my eating habit..everyday. See? if you use pills then what? after you stop taking those what then? go back to your old self "fat" and "frustrated". Well, those are my opinions and it really work for me. Everything is always a self discipline, make it a habit so, your body or system will get use to it as long as you live but i don't think taking pills is a good idea to making it a habit..what do you think?