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Monday, February 9, 2009

doctor’s appointment

This morning my daughters had a doctor’s appointment for their shots. I thought they could not get their shot again because Elizabeth felt hot since yesterday. When the doctor checked them she said they are fine and ready for their shots. I was glad because their shots were suppose to be two weeks ago but they were sick so they moved it today. My son also did not go to school today because he was sick this morning he has a barking cough and my husband was worried that he might have the flu. The doctor gave him more medicine. A lot of people are sick now because the weather here keeps changing. I do not like my son staying home from school but he could not go when he is sick.


Mom of Four said...

Juliet, di lang mga kids mo ang nagkakasakit, due to sudden change of weather. Mga anak ko rin last month naman laman kami ng doctor's clinic. I am glad now eh ok na silang lahat...hOpe Freddy feels better.

nadine♥christian said...

Aww. I hope they get better soon, alala ko ganyan din po ako dati nung bata ako. tsaka nakakasakit talaga ang panahon ngayon, pabagobago..

napadaan po, sana gumaling na po ang mga chikiting mo:D