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Friday, February 13, 2009

spider man movie

Last night I called my son from work during my break. While we were talking he said he was watching another spider man movie on DVD his aunt April had brought him. He was very happy and I told him that when he came back home from school today I would watch it with him. He said okay and he was very excited he could not wait to see again the movie with me. Now my husband is picking him up from the school in a few minutes he will be here. I have to make his food so he can eat his lunch. See you again later guys!


Cecile said...

Happy Valentines Day, Juliet, san man ang date nyo ni erneast?

nadine♥christian said...

woww. that's a great plan for valentines:)
a family bonding!!
have fun:D

Mom of Four said...

My son loves Spider Man movie. But when he saw the movie Home Alone 3, now he asked me to buy the dvd and he said e will watch it over and over again. He likes it when the hero is a little boy..Did you watch the movie with your son?