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Sunday, February 15, 2009

My son is my Valentino

Yesterday I was so busy that I never updated my blog. I know that it was valentines day and my Valentino is my son. We were home watching the movie Spiderman 3 over and over. All the spider man movies Spiderman 3 is the one that I like. It is really different when you have a boy because you can watch any kind of super heroes’ movies. My husband was working yesterday so we do not have a date, but even if we had time we still could not go with three kids. I got a two pairs of pajama from my husband and my favorite chocolates. He was happy that I like the pajama. He knows that I needed them because my son told him last week that I put one of my pajama in the trash because there was a hole in it and I could not sew it up. It was already wore out, Poor mama! Since I had my daughters I can not shop for my self anymore. Even going to the Good Will store I have no time. I am always busy all the time. Anyways, I am thankful for my husband for thinking about me yesterday and all I give to him is a thank you and a kiss! My son gave me chocolate too and he made a valentine’s card for me, he is so sweet.


nadine♥christian said...

Aww. glad u had some warm valentine with your family! and happy for your new pajama. I guess moms become really busy to take care of themselves because of the little kiddos, mom does with me too. hehe. belated happy v-day:D

Azumi's Mum said...

belated happy Vday.

U know I can relate... eversince I gave birth, I havent treated myself on a salon huhu... its been almost a year since the last time.. pero ok lang hihi..

take care

iceah said...

sweet naman ng hubby mo and ng little boy mo c: he knows and is sensitive enouh to know what his mom needs so sweet c: