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Saturday, September 12, 2009

I was wrong

This morning I thought I could stay in bed and sleep late in the morning because it is Saturday but I was wrong. At 7am my son woke me up he said he wanted to play and eat. I told him that it was too early and he needed to go back to bed but he said he did not want to. I did not want him to stay awake by himself so I stayed in the living room with him while he was playing and eating and I was laying on the couch. He wanted to go to the library but I was too tired to go out of the house and it has rained here since last night. He really wanted to go and borrowed some movies so I took him there and after the library we dropped by the store to pick up some soda. I plan to take him to the park but it is still raining so maybe tomorrow if the weather is good.


chubskulit said...

Ganyan talaga ang duty ng mga mommy.. Ganyan din ako eh.. Have a blessed Sunday Jules!

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Grampy said...

The little one's will keeping you going all the time. Just when you think you can rest you'll hear someone calling MOM