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Friday, October 23, 2009

still awake and playing

When I came home from work tonight my daughters were still awake and playing. I tried to put them in bed but they started crying so I let them play a little longer. Yes they like to stay awake every time I am home and they get excited. Before midnight I tried to put them back in bed but they ran away from me when they heard about me calling them. They are very smart even when they are tired they do not want to sleep. I put them in bed because if I wait for them to go to sleep on their own they would be awake until morning still playing. I like watching them play and it makes me and my husband happy. Our son was already asleep snoring.

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Mom of Four said...

Hi Juliet, di ko maimagine kung paano humabol sa super active twins, hehehe.. kakapagod siguro noh?? mga bata din ganyan, need na i force humiga, kasi kundi madaling araw na kung matulog sila..