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Thursday, November 26, 2009

health insurance

Today we had Thanksgiving dinner at my brother in law’s house. Most of the family was there and we were all having fun eating and talking. They cooked a lot of foods and I brought the Filipino foods that they like. It was nice to see them all and it was also nice when we can eat together sometimes. My mother in law was there and she looks fine and was active hopefully she will always be like this.

We are all worried about her because she has been sick for the last few weeks and was even admitted to the hospital a few months ago. She is lucky because she has health insurance because if she did not it would cost too much. Every time you go see the doctor the first thing they will ask you about is you’re insurance and if you do not insurance you have to pay and it is expensive.

Like me I did not have any health insurance for few years but last month I decided that it was time for me to get insured. You never know when you will get sick so it is best to be insured. Nobody plans to get sick that is why we need to have health insurance.

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