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Monday, December 28, 2009

Busy this afternoon

We were so busy this afternoon after I came home from work because my husband was taking the cribs apart in our bedroom and I was cleaning them. We want our daughters to be out of the crib and sleeping in their toddler beds. They like to sleep in the toddler bed but I hope that they do not going to mess up the bed room when they wake up in the morning. We also hope that they can go to sleep early now with out screaming and crying. I do not know if these will happen since they do not like to be put to sleep at night. I think most children are like that they do not like to go to sleep at night until they are very sleepy. We will see what is going to happen tonight.

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Dhemz said...

na korek!very well said mami Ju...sos maau kay nakagawas na sa crib ang Akesha kay dugay pod ni nigawas sa crib..maau man sa crib kay mapugos man ug katog....:)