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Sunday, January 24, 2010

My baby sick again

For the passed few days I never did any blog hopping because I had no time to do it. One of my daughters is sick and she always needs me. Friday night I could not sleep because of her. She kept throwing up, coughing and crying. The doctor said she has tonsillitis but yesterday she threw up twice and last night she sleep very well until she woke up coughing and crying again. My shoulder was so tired from holding her. I felt sorry for my other daughter but their kuya Freddy was a big help for me while their daddy was at work. It is really hard when the baby is sick. I hope today she will not throw up and hopefully she will eat something. I am thankful that only one is sick.

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poray said...

I hope your daughter will feel better soon. My son got sick a few days ago and I know what it feels like taking care of a sick child and feeling helpless.