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Monday, July 26, 2010

Watching Twilight Eclipse

Today my friends and I went to see the movie Twilight Eclipse. My friend Marivic likes Jacob while Cecile and I like Edward. I really like Edward I do not know why. Today was the first time that I watched a movie with friends because most of the time I am watching with my son and my husband. We always go to the dollar movies. Now I know where the theater is that has the new movies and I would like to take my son there when there is a movie for children. I thought that the theater was far away from our house but now I know that it is close to our house I do not have to wait for somebody else to watch a movie with me. By the way Twilight was a good movie but at first I got sleepy watching it.


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Mama Ko said...

Ako i like edward-bella hehehe. diko ganahan ni jacob sge ra ug hukas waaa. Maayo pa mo jul makatan aw pa ug movie sa senihan, ako wa nku kaila ug senihan uy lol