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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Baseball is every where

Last year the manager where my husband works gave him two tickets for the Texas rangers games I was so mad because he gave them away to his co-worker. He doesn’t like to watch sports but he forgot that I like to watch baseball game and I would have gone to see the rangers play at the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. I know if I really wanted to I could buy tickets and watch them play but they were free tickets, what I can do it was last year so I will just forget it.

It is nice to watch the Texas Rangers play baseball I hope one of this days I can go watch them not only on TV. I do not have to worry about where to buy tickets for the games because I can buy them anywhere like the Kauffman Stadium, American Airlines Center. Baseball is every where and you can get tickets close to you like from the Pepsi Center, New Orleans Arena. Come on get your tickets now and watch your favorite baseball teams.

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